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FSF-IHCE fight against gender-based violence

Gender violence is the act of inflicting harm upon individuals and groups that is connected to normative understandings of their gender. Both women and men are victims of  gender based violence. But women and girls are the majority group that experience violence. Gendered violence continues to be an ongoing issue in the European region with high rates of sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, domestic violence and conflict. While European institutions have implemented a plethora of initiatives through the European Union, United Nations declarations concentrate on structural rather than cultural change.

Sexual and reproductive health consequences, including forced and unwanted pregnancies, unsafe abortions, traumatic fistula, sexually transmitted infections including HIV and even death are some of the case victims of violence face.  Gender-base violence is not a private matter, lets challenge it, let’s uncover it from the culture of silence that protects it, let’s strengthen legislation to criminalize this kind of violence.

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