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FSF-IHCE's borderless Training, Health Education and humanitarian aid

The collection of funds from Associations and Foundations, Service Clubs, Companies and individuals, local and regional authorities, to finance the acquisition of all material needs for medical or non-medical use. Or telecommunications communications tools, intended for the improvement of the conditions of hospitalization. And the treatment of patients within the framework of regional priorities or individual requests for the acquisition and transmission of new knowledge.

How your donation will be used:

  • Promotion development for training in all health sectors. Humanitarian action in developing and developed countries.
  • Implementation of different information systems for improvement and different creations of regional, national and international healthcare networks.
  • Most importantly in development of knowledge on new topics in terms of health training in general.
  • Study, evaluation and methods aimed at improving the dissemination of information and communication within public or private establishments. Inside, outside or even in conference rooms or any place that can accommodate participants.
  • The promotion of the teaching of the disciplines defined by the assembly for the organization of colloquial, training and congresses.
  • Design of educational programs and management of training. Regular and certifying as part of continuing education (in international or local solidarity in France or abroad). Management of teaching teams, trainers and temporary staff. Teaching of regular external training, research educational, research and development activity. Management and production of communication tools.
  • The participation and the organization of all scientific or non-scientific events remaining in connection with health. Likely to advance this research, without losing the character of all associations governed by the texts of July 1, 1901 and August 16 1901.
  •  Also promote the networking of people and structures whose mission is to inform and train so as to develop real partnerships between all the actors of health.
  • Promote the implementation of all actions which are in line with national, regional or international priorities.
  • Assisting in various ways; the services and institutions already existing and encouraging the promotion of all types of activities through awareness-raising, information, research and teaching.
  • Train caregivers or non-caregivers in connection with health activities. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, all paramedics and non-contracted doctors but recognized and tolerated by the Ministry of Health and National Education.
  • Promote by all means the communication tools. Moreover, to disseminate information in order to inform health actors as well as its public.
  • Develop all media, communication and exchange tools related to these actions. For instance,  the creation of an internal site, the publication of publications and any other media promoting communication between members and the contribution of new ideas, etc. …
  • Encourage exchanges everywhere between members in order to facilitate and stimulate communication during new information or communication campaigns.
  • Support the public relations actions of our members.
  • Hold an annual conference to bring partners together, meet their needs and recognize the contribution of volunteer members.
  • Organize events and propose protocols on priorities to be set by the general assembly
  • €50
  • €100
  • €250
  • €500
  • other(€)

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