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Help Fight Poverty in Nepal

Since starting COVID-19 in Nepal, daily wage labor, people with disabilities, single women, Dalits, children, and the elderly population are living in an extraordinary situation. They don’t have sufficient food and income to keep them alive. 89% HHs experienced 2/3 drops of their monthly income average income due to the COVID-19. The common mechanism was borrowing loans, followed by borrowing foods. It has made negative impacts on the lives of most vulnerable people and their families[1]. On the other hand, the government doesn’t have the capacity to respond to them quickly.

Many migrant have returned to their hometown. Most of them don’t have the life skills and entrepreneurship ideas.

Because of the COVID-19 lock-down across the country, many micro-entrepreneurs have spent their matching fund for their basic needs. Now, they don’t have grants to restart their business and also not have the skills to deal COVID-19 situation at this time.

Now, we have an opportunity that the government of Nepal is easing the lock-down system across the country so we can work directly with them. Our minor support may have meaning to them for their recovery.

Addressing the issues of unemployment and poverty in the long term, it is necessary to support them now. If we don’t act now, the conditions of the vulnerable people will be the worst and they can lose hope and dignity.

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