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According to the the latest evidence, corona virus is not transmitted through viginal or anal intercourse. It is contracted by getting in contact with droplets from the nose, mouth and saliva of an infected person. This tells us that there is a higher risk of passing COVID-19 through kissing and physical touching from a person who has the virus.

COVID-19 is a serious disease caused by the corona virus and everyone should minimize the risk of exposure and the spread of the virus by following the preventive measures recommended by WHO. Let’s keep social distance and avoid close contact to anyone who is showing the corona virus symptom; fever or coughing. Washing hands with soap and water or sanitizing should be done frequently

With most of us under lockdown and being made to stay at home, many of us wonder how this is going to impact our sex lives. And in mind we could be asking ourselves can COVID-19 be transmitted through sexual intercourse? FSF-IHCE has gathered good information to answer your questions.

COVID-19 sexual transmittion?

From a recent study, the corona virus can be found in the semen of men who have tested positive for corona virus or recovering from the corona virus.But still there is no evidence that would suggest that COVID-19 can sexually transmitted. More studies are still on going to determine whether COVID-19 can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. If you or your partner are showing symptoms of COVID-19, which include a persistent dry cough, difficulty in breathing or fever , you should consider minimize or prevent all the physical contact to stop the virus from spreading. Which mean avoiding any physical intimacy such as kissing, cuddling as well anal, virginal or oral sex.

Non-physical contact sex

The best way to enjoy sex during this pandemic and being at no COVID-19 risk, is having sex with yourself! Yes , masturbation is COVID-19 risk free. You may also try other ways of having sex without anyone being physically present through webcam or even your phone.

Sexual health services and COVID-19

Health services disruptions are likely to go higher during the corona virus pandemic. Family planning, contraception, sexual health testing and pre-exposure prophylaxis(PrEP) are some of the services that could be affected. Most clinics limit the spread the virus by moving to online consultations, referring patients elsewhere or suspending walk-in services. Keep yourself updated with your health provider by either calling them or frequently checking there websites. This is very important.

FSF-IHCE is advising people that having sex with others or touching and kissing, puts you at a significant risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Learn more about Sexual violence inentensifies during COVID-19 pandemic…

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