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Formations Sans Frontieres - International Health Care Education

About Us

Formations Sans Frontières – International Health Care Education (FSF-IHCE) was officially created in 2004 – with its head office (HQ) – is in Lyon.
Association law 1901 – Officially recognized by the World Health Organization (OMS / WHO) in 2005 – by the former regional office of the Rhône-Alpes region. 

It has thus become a non-governmental organization (IONG) recognized in Europe but also internationally through concrete actions and achievements.

FSF-IHCE also has sub representative offices in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

our mission & who we are!!

Our mission is activating health networks and respond to health care issues in both developing and  developed countries.

our goal & Values

We aim to build partnerships and fulfill the needs for education and training for better healthcare response to urgent issues and needs. 

In August 2020 – in order to respond and participate in responses to the Global COVID-19 crisis and the growing needs in Europe and the world in terms of training and Education.
FSF-IHCE has also created another headquarters in Switzerland (Association under swiss and )), in order to respond effectively to both the needs mentioned – but also to interact with all global partners from the training and education sectors.
FSF-IHCE brings together in an interdisciplinary manner bringing together many multi-disciplinary actors – specialists, generalists – trainers, experts, in various sectors.
The specificity of the FSF-IHCE platform and its branches is distinguished by:

  • The existence of regional, national, European, and Global networks
  • the international and multidisciplinary dimension that it plans to give to its thinking and actions
  • the primacy of exchange, and transparent partnerships, based on the objectives of responding to training and also education needs for Regions, Countries, public institutions and or private sectors, Governmental and / or Non-governmental organizations
  • its educational mission to stakeholders at all levels, diversified themes, optimized by our “resource centers” in constant interaction for action “,
  • ethics guaranteed by recognized experts in educational fields and or on measures
  • Constant adaptation between reflection and action in order to meet the needs regarding the FSF-IHCE Mandates…
  • Organization of trainings, seminars, National and International Events and Symposium, workshops, think tanks, in Intra or Extra Muros (all countries)

What We Do

With its partners, FSF-IHCE contributes to principled and effective humanitarian response through:

  • Health education engineering for medical practitioners in various health facilities, clinics and hospitals.
  • Capacities to respond to emergency situations.
  •  International Law specialized in Health and development.
  •  Special Health training and facilitation of events, workshops, innovations and training programs.
  • FSF-IHCE also an expertise in logistic; surgical material donations for health and social-infrastructures vs education and training.
  •  Health Promotion campaigns and fundraising.
  •  Project contact facilitation focused; partnership (International Organization – NGO- INGO’s, National Agencies at all levels; academical universities, associations related, civil societies, private companies, foundations, pharmaceutical industries – Medical devices, pharmacology.
  •  Advice and expertise related to health (Human and Veterinarian, Environmental actors…) following MDGs Agenda.

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