Mental Health

Combating Manipulation.

In today’s interconnected world, issues related to manipulation, both in personal relationships and global crises, have taken center stage…

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Human Rights

Human Rights-based Harassment

Harassment based on human rights might take the form of direct or indirect behavior, such as unpleasant statements, remarks, gestures, or other actions.

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Women's Health

Obstetric Fistula In Africa

Fistulas are most often associated with prolonged labour especially in developing countries. Fistulas are “the single most drastic aftermath of premature or neglected childbirth,” according to the World Health Organization, which estimates that more than 2 million people worldwide have fistulas.

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Urbanism architecture

Sustainable Urbanism & Architecture: Wood Construction

The State of The World’s Forests All living forms present in forested regions, as well as the ecological roles they play, are referred to as forest biological diversity. It includes not just trees, but also the diverse range of plants, animals, and microbes that live in forest regions, as well as their genetic diversity. Ecosystem, landscape, species, population, and genetic

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Cyber Security

Dealing With Cyber Security

In our rapidly evolving digital culture, a scarcity of cybersecurity specialists might be disastrous. And we are currently in that unfavorable situation.

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