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The aim of this section is to provide an outline of the FSF-IHCE mandate. It also contains comprehensive thematic publications on FSF-IHCE’s impact on human life through its core cause of training and education for all field actors worldwide.

Crimes in The Blue Economy

Slavery and human trafficking at sea are most prevalent in the South China Sea. Many men and boys are trafficked across the border only to end up as

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Blue Economy Training and Education

The Blue Economy Healthy seas and marine environments are critical to our economies and the long-term viability of the earth. They are the lungs of

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Training and educational influence, as measured through experiences, expertise, and ability growth, contribute significantly to the human development

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Surgery Training and Education

Surgery Surgery is a medical or dental specialty that employs operative manual and instrumental procedures on an individual to investigate or cure a

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Human Rights – Torture & Prevention

Torture is one of the most severe abuses of a person’s basic human rights. It degrades one’s dignity, both physically and mentally, and

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CRBN Training and Education for field actors

CBRNE accidents lead to the unregulated release of chemicals, biological agents, or radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, as well as

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