Corporate partnerships

With a rewarding corporate partnership, you will help us eradicate poverty through the power of education while also enhancing your public reputation.

Why partner with us

Becoming a business partner of FSF-IHCE provides a unique chance to connect both your customers and employees while also assisting in the transformation of the lives of people and their families living in some of the world’s most difficult areas.

  • Increase your customer base. According to recent studies, the majority of consumers are more drawn to a product or service when it is delivered by a firm that is actively striving to tackle societal problems. Increasing your CSR credentials can boost your company’s reputation and may help you acquire and retain clients.
  • Boost your company’s profile. FSF-IHCE has a huge number of supporters and relationships with some of the most powerful persons and corporations in Europe and beyond. Our marketing programs and events may be able to improve brand engagement and visibility. 
  • Enjoy a unique partnership. Relationships are at the core of all we do at FSF-IHCE, and we will do everything we can to make your collaboration with us personal. Your dedicated account manager will work with you to understand your company’s goals and build a mutually beneficial partnership in accordance with these, all while keeping you informed of the effect of your assistance.

how to get involved

  • Sponsorship. We are always open to new ideas and will collaborate with you to identify the best opportunity and financing level.
  • Donate. A gift from your organization, whether it’s a one-time corporate donation or a reward, will help to improve lives in some of the world’s most difficult locations.
  • Time and expertise. We are constantly searching for experts to volunteer their talents and knowledge to support FSF-IHCE’s work.
  • Staff involvement. Making us your Charity of the Year, Payroll Giving, or participating in one of our worldwide challenge events are all ways for your workers to come together to help improve lives in some of the world’s most difficult places.

get in touch

To find out more about being partners with FSF-IHCE, Contact:

Thomas Baptiste Weiss – Founder and Managing Director FSF-IHCE