Blue Economy Training and Education

The Blue Economy

Healthy seas and marine environments are critical to our economies and the long-term viability of the earth. They are the lungs of our world, supplying half of the oxygen we breathe. They account for 16% of the animal protein we ingest and serve as the basis for a variety of economic activities that promote development and jobs. They are a good source of nutrition.
Our waters and oceans play an important role in our lives. We depend on them for food and tourism, transportation, and green energy. They are a rich source of biodiversity and provide important services to eco-systems. However, they often face different range of threats, from exhausting stocks of fish to rising constraints on the environment.

FSF-IHCE is committed to promote long-term growth in the maritime and shipping sectors through blue economy training and education.
As we are in the midst of a major crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The need to remember and understand the importance of the oceans, whether cultural, social, or economic, has never been more pressing.
The aim of FSF-IHCE is to ensure that science, creativity, and education contribute to the transition to a sustainable Blue Economy. With a focus on protected coasts, oceans, coastlines, and inland waters.

Education and training in the Blue Economy should be better coordinated to boost the growth of the maritime sector, and the Blue Economy could therefore offer one of the greatest opportunities for business success.

Through FSF-IHCE initiative of training education in the blue economy, this will result in the deployment of solutions to mitigate aquatic waste, such as plastics, climate change mitigation in the seas, safe use and management of ocean energy, the development of alternative products, such as biodegradable plastic replacements, new feed and food systems, coastal and maritime strategic planning, and ocean management.

Humankind’s, ecosystems’, and biodiversity’s futures are all dependent on bold and collective action.

FSF-IHCE is dedicated to putting a social agenda in place that prioritizes people and the blue economy in long-term collaborations and programs. We need your support in the form of partnerships and donations to help us pursue our goals. And campaigns for sustainable blue development in all regions of the world.


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  1. Hello, I would like to engage myself in Marine protection and conservation but the thing is I don’t know where to start and how to start it.

  2. Hello, I would like to attend the training on the Blue economy sustainable development, especially in zero plastics pollution in the oceans of Africa but I miss the way forward.

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