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Boosting Biodiversity and fighting Climate Change

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Boosting Biodiversity and fighting Climate Change

Both COVID-19 and climate change are causing global disruption that threatens the lives of millions of people across borders. COVID-19 and climate change are risk multipliers that strongly influence inequality through inequality, each in its own way.

People plant small town forests to promote biodiversity and fight climate change.

  • Miniature urban forests planted using a method invented by a Japanese botanist in the 1970s are growing in popularity.
  • Dense copses bursting with biodiversity can thrive in areas the size of a tennis court.
  • Known as ‘Miyawaki’ forests, the trees grow more quickly and absorb more CO2 than plantations grown for timber.

How much space do you think you need to grow a forest?

If your answer is bigger than a couple of tennis courts, think again. Miniature forests are springing up on patches of land in urban areas around the world, often planted by local community groups using a method inspired by Japanese temples.

The idea is simple – take brownfield sites, plant them densely with a wide variety of native seedlings, and let them grow with minimal intervention. The result, according to the method’s proponents, is complex ecosystems perfectly suited to local conditions that improve biodiversity, grow quickly and absorb more CO2.

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