Music Training and Education

FSF-IHCE's mission is to instill confidence and innovation in students of all ages through outstanding music education and training. Through our dedicated world-class innovative programs, we aim to transform lives and strengthen our culture through the love of music.

Music Training and Education.

Music training and education is a field of practice in which educators are trained for careers as music teachers. It is also a research area in which scholars do original research. Music education scholars publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Importance of Classical Music Training and Education.

It’s easy to see why so many people think classical music is in many ways irrelevant in a society focused on the latest technology, dance crazes, and what’s trending on social media. This old art form is far from dead, with more music being made today than ever before, and many artists drawing inspiration from classical pieces. Classical music has evolved over the centuries to become a foundational element, laying the groundwork for today’s musicians of all genres. Many studies have shown that music, especially classical music learned or listened to, has a wide range of benefits.

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Music, whether played or listened to, can be a fantastic stress reliever. Due to the fact that music can apply to so many other academic topics, it has been shown that playing any form of music can increase a person’s intelligence. The way musical notes are written in a series of fractions aids early math skills by providing real-world examples of how numbers can be broken down and even multiplied by a fixed tempo.

Music training and education to play a musical instrument helps to fine-tune the learner’s ear and improve skills for education and social interaction. Common benefits of music training and education:

• boosts academic performance;
• improves physical skills and fosters social skills;
• helps to hone discipline and patience;
• improves self-esteem and;
• exposes children to different cultures.


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