Training and educational influence, as measured through experiences, expertise, and ability growth, contribute significantly to the human development of teachers and coaches. As well as their knowledge of teaching Olympic sports.

Coaches and trainers instill the experience and spirit that distinguishes a true competitor. They serve as role models and help to develop character. The FSF-IHCE encourages coaches and teachers to go much further and beyond. They assist mentally challenged athletes in discovering their own strengths and skills. They also show them how to develop and grow their talents on a daily basis. FSF-IHCE’s mission in sports and athletics is to contribute to the creation of a safe and peaceful environment by teaching and educating individuals without prejudice. This involves having a common understanding as well as a sense of friendliness, unity, and fairness.

We rely on your support as an international non-profit organization because of your donation. Through teaching and educating coaches and teachers all around the world. We will be able to assist athletes and develop sport all over the world. We want to encourage everyone in the society, regardless of gender, age, socioeconomic status, or economic background, to participate in sports on a regular basis. This is accomplished in a variety of forms during the year and in all of the world’s regions. We want to increase everyone’s engagement in sports. We work to provide the educational and health benefits of sports to everyone. Particularly, physically disabled and vulnerable people in the society.


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