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Food and nutrition tips during self-quarantine

As countries are taking stronger measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, self-quarantine and the temporary closing of businesses may affect normal food-related practices. Healthy individuals, as well as those showing acute respiratory disease symptoms, are being requested to stay at home. In some countries, restaurants and take-away offers are being limited and some fresh items are becoming less available.


French health system under pressure with COVID-19 cases still soaring

France is at war against the coronavirus, but its army is woefully unprepared for the fight.
So says emergency medical responder Dr. Sabrina Ali Benali.

“We have found a way to get masks, but that’s all we have. We don’t have disposable garments / coveralls, nor stocks of hand sanitiser, hair nets, glasses, overshoes.”
Benali says the majority of healthcare personnel in France are under the same strain.